Being organized is not just a term. Rather, it is an ongoing subtle process, a series of small, ongoing acts and habits. These habits reflect and also affect our state of mind, our living and working environments, and the way we use our time.

Signs that you are organized:

  • You can locate items quickly when needed, including files and important papers
  • If unexpected guests drop by, a quick tidy up will be sufficient for you to feel confident that your home is presentable
  • Your home is a calming and relaxing environment, where you can find peace, order and relaxation at the end of each day
  • Your work area enables you to focus without physical and mental distractions caused by clutter and unfinished business
  • You know what you have. You do not run out of items, nor do you mistakenly buy duplicate items
  • You know what you have to do, and you know by when you have to do each task. And you are able to accomplish this list without undue stress.
  • It would not cause undue stress to take on more than your usual routine at times
  • You can easily add new clothes, books or supplies without a space crisis
  • You have time to do the things that you enjoy – including doing nothing at all!