I always keep a small amount of laundry soap in a container, so it fits in the bathroom cabinet close to the washing machine.

The other day I looked at this hardworking, practical, yet very unattractive plastic jar and decided it needed to go.

I kept an eye out for about 2 weeks and found a lovely faceted glass jar with lid.  It was actually a decorative candle and even better, it was on sale.  I simply used hot water to melt the candle out of it and it was ready to use as a laundry soap container.

The reason I am telling you this:   I did not realize how much of an impact this tiny change would make.  Each time I do laundry, I get a lift from this beautiful object.  When it’s time to scoop out the washing powder, I raise the heavy faceted glass lid and get a feeling of luxury.  You would think it would lose its magic over time.  Yet this item retains its power weeks later, to add beauty and luxury to something as prosaic as laundry.    A friend of mine has nicknamed it “The Fifth Element”.

Perhaps you would rather have a bamboo cutlery drawer instead of a plastic one.  Or you would rather use a lovely glass container instead of a plastic jar.   Perhaps you wonder if the extra expense is worth it.   In my experience, yes.  It is worth spending the extra amount to get something you love and that will give you joy for years to come.

It becomes a priceless gift that raises the practical into the beautiful.