I am a busy mom of three young children, who all share a small bedroom. Before Benita assisted me, the room was messy and unorganized with piles of toys everywhere and no order at all. Clothes could not be packed neatly. Benita assisted me with new storage solutions and now things are so much more organized and tidy. The clothes storage is my favourite, with each container packed neatly and sorted perfectly. Toys are sorted into their own containers for easy access and packing up. I also love the small wall-mounted small bins for all the small sets of toys that used to end up thrown into one unorganized mess. These are the perfect solution!

Cape Town

Dear Benita
Thank you for your invaluable assistance in helping our mother pack up her house under extremely trying circumstances.  As an elderly semi-invalid with mobility limitations, you stepped in to help her pack up her house at an emotionally sensitive time, as she made the reluctant transition from independent living to a senior assisted facility.

During this extremely trying situation, when she was emotionally distraught, you showed tremendous empathy and patience with a client who demonstrated her psychological trauma by determinedly attempting to make your task as difficult as possible.  In the face of her resistance you calmly attended to the task of sorting, discarding, and packing up her life with a firm determination that still allowed her to maintain her dignity.

We, her children, could not be there since we live overseas.  You stayed in touch with us every step of the way, and let us know that progress was being made.  When an unexpected health emergency meant that she needed to move to the assisted living before her scheduled time, the house was ready and she was able to successfully make the move with short notice.

We could not have done this without your skilled organizing approach.

With appreciation,


Pennsylvania USA.

Benita is an organizational genius, part management consultant, part therapist, part magician. She loves what she does and is highly skilled, professional and intuitive in the organizational realm. In my case, I had to return to Canada sooner than expected and left half an apartment’s worth of possessions in limbo. Had it not been for Benita, I would have been forced to fly back to Berkeley to deal with my stuff or risk losing it. Benita saved me about a week of time and untold amounts of moving angst (not to mention carbon emissions) by handling the entire move while I stayed in Canada: she quickly and efficiently went through all my possessions, itemized them on a spreadsheet, which she then forwarded to me electronically for review. This decision-making tool provided me with options to ship, donate, or sell each item. Brilliant! Benita’s spreadsheet was just what I needed. She also prepared lists of items by box for Canada Customs – these proved to be invaluable in getting everything across the border with minimal hassle.
Oh, and when I finally unpacked the boxes at home, they were impeccably organized with all items so snugly and safely packed that there was no damage to my favorite straw hat or delicate china mug. Her upbeat and professional attitude removed all the anxiety from my move. My whole experience with Benita from beginning to end was pleasurable and efficient, and her services were worth every penny.

Brigid Rowan

Environmental Energy Consultant and Author

Benita is very good at what she does. I love her focus and tenacity to get a certain amount down in a short period of time. I would call her a stylist as well as an organizer, because she has a wonderful sense of finding the right pieces and placing them in a way that creates more space and beauty. Her persistent yet gentle support sets the mood for a fun and productive session.
She encouraged me to let go of clutter and unbeautiful items that I was not passionate about in my lounge, to make space for ones that I am in love with. Now I am having a creative, fun time searching for those special pieces that will make this space uniquely mine. Her positive encouragement has helped me to let go of the restraints that I imposed on myself. My mind is now free to consider all sorts of different possibilities for my space.

Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed.

Ritual Design & Event Production

I am one of those highly creative people who struggles with maintaining order in my home office. I love having Benita come to help me find a place for everything. She is a ray of hope amid the semi-chaos! She pulls me out of any feelings of overwhelm with lovely humor and a gentle but determined positive energy. When she leaves, I love basking in the peace and order that we have created. I’m happier, and it allows my work life to run more efficiently and effectively.

Annie Goglia

Lifefire Coaching and Laughter Workshops

My small apartment was cluttered with stuff I hoarded from my mom and gran who had passed away. It was really difficult to find anything in my small space. I called Benita, and she was absolutely incredible. She was very respectful to my memories and an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did she help me sort through all the difficult stuff; but she also had some great ideas on how to make the most use of my space. She even helped me buy some really good-looking and practical furniture. Benita did such a great job and I felt so relieved, that I asked her to help sort out similar issues at my office. Three years on and we still work together. I recently did a renovation at my house and Benita was part of the team in getting it all tip top. I could not be happier with her service and can’t wait to work with her again on the next project. She is friendly, professional and an expert in her field!

Steven Pieterse

Cape Town

Benita worked for me between 2002 and 2012, when she returned to South Africa. She helped me to completely transform my home office into a functional, yet extremely attractive place to live and work. I love what Benita has done, and especially the astonished reaction and compliments from friends when they first walked in.

Together with the help of a color specialist, we transformed the walls from a very dull white to a vibrant pallet. The new look is quite energetic and attractive, yet also facilitates calm focus. New lateral filing cabinets were installed to accommodate materials that had formerly been cluttered around the office. Benita completely updated the filing system, so that everything is now clearer and easier to file and access. We also created a striking library out of formerly “dead space” in the hallway, using beautiful lighting, library shelves and color on the walls. Benita assisted me with culling clothing and whatever else was no longer needed, so that everything now fits well into the available space. We cleared a big backlog of numerous boxes that had never been unpacked after a cross-country move. Much of these old office materials could be shredded, and others were sent off to be scanned. Benita organized my music collection into attractive CD shelves, with artistically made custom dividers to show the different genres of music.

With Benita’s ongoing help, my home office has remained consistently neat and orderly, even during very busy periods that formerly led to major chaos and backlog. Benita is very talented, creative, and easy to work with. She is very efficient and productive, so that even complex projects are completed very rapidly and with consistently high quality. I would heartily recommend Benita to others, and in fact personally know many people who have become her clients.

Ian Goodman

President , The Goodman Group, Ltd.