Clearing and de-cluttering
I will help you clear what no longer works for you, and create order and clarity in your home, office, cupboards, storage space, kitchen and garage.

Getting and staying organised
Paying careful attention to your needs, I create systems that work for you in the long-term.  There is no right way or wrong way to organise – only what works for YOU.

Creating files from piles of paper
I have decades of bookkeeping and administrative experience.  No piles of paper are too big or daunting.  I can create a filing system for you, which is easy to maintain and use.  My decade of bookkeeping experience means that I can help you get and stay organised, in preparation for an accountant or tax filing.

Helping you or a loved one prepare for moving or downsizing
Moving can be very stressful – but it does not have to be!  I can help you clear what you don’t need, and plan the logistics of your move so that it goes smoothly, saving you hours, even days, of time and stress.

Support after a death 
Do you need help sorting through belongings after a loved one has passed away?  Don’t go it alone.  I offer patience, compassion and practical strength when you feel ready.

Renewing your life and space after a transition
I can help you in recreate your space after a divorce, long-distance move, or any other challenging life event.

Beautifying your home or office
We were born to be surrounded by beauty.  Being efficient and functional is not an excuse for allowing the boring or the ugly, no matter what the budget. I will help you create a space that is both functional and inviting.  Let’s get creative!


R400 per hour OR R3000 for an 8-hour day
Traveling costs may be charged additionally, depending on the hours required and your location.