Every time we keep something in order to get to it One Day, we are bonding our time to the future. I am not referring to definite goals, in which we have a plan, set a date and accomplish whatever it is we set out to do.

I am talking about a no-time zone called One Day. The “interest” that we pay on this Time Mortgage is heavy: We live with unfinished business; our space is taken up with items we “intend” to do something with; we feel a rumbling guilt that we are not doing what we “should” be doing. Time weighs on us. When we do one thing, we feel that we “should” be doing another. We are always too busy! Piles of things await our attention. We cannot get to them. We have enslaved our time to the future, keeping items as hostages for a goal that deep down we know we may never accomplish.

In starting to free ourselves from the Time Mortgage we need to remember: I make the Rules. If there is a rule that no longer suits you, un-make it!

We do not have to keep something out of guilt or obligation. We do not have to keep something if it burdens us. We do not have to keep something because we “should”.

We can keep items that we love, that we use, that makes us feel or look fabulous. If we are having a struggle, we can ask for help. We can make a start.

How would you spend your time if there were no debts in your time bank – only hours of time credit to do what you love – to do nothing, if that made you happy? What would your space look like if you only kept what lifted you up?

Remember: “I make the Rules. And I can unmake them”