Working Together

Some of my clients admitted they were rather nervous at first, concerned I might be very “strict” and make them throw things away.
Not true! I’m there to empower you, to help you make decisions and to help you stay focused on the goals and vision you have for your space.

During our first consultation, we will do a walk-through of your space. I’ll ask you to tell me what is working for you, what is not working for you, and what outcomes you would like to have happen. I will make suggestions, provide options, and offer new perspectives.

There’s more than one way to accomplish your goals: we can work together; or you can let me know what you want, and I do it from start to finish. Or, I can give you an outline of what needs to be done, and then tailor goals specific to the pace you would like to work. There is no right or wrong way to get organized, only the way that works for you.

If the space in your life is very challenging, cluttered or congested, you may even feel embarrassed or ashamed. Please know that I applaud you in taking a stand, and asking for help. You have taken the first step on a good journey. Getting organized can be hard work. Yet you will also find it surprisingly fun, creative, enlightening, rewarding and freeing.

Change your space, change your life!