Ah, filing… dystopian visions of corporate drones plowing through a Kafka-esque universe of overflowing gunmetal-grey filing cabinets…  skyscraper-sized piles of paper obscuring… wait!  Come back!

I was at a Staples store the other day, and was happy to discover, among the vanilla-manila, and the boxes of camouflage-green hanging folders, the M by Staples  line.  A dozen of these glossy folders will set you back $6.99, as compared with about $5.95 for 24 flat manila file folders.  But they are also a lot thicker and stronger than the manila folders, so will last a lot longer.   You can re-use them because you can peel the labels off their glossy surface.  They come with a set of their own color-coordinated labels too.  And best of all, they make filing more beautiful.

If you eat good food, but on plates that you cannot stand the sight of, the food will not taste as good.  It is the same with filing.  Buy the filing supplies that you will be happy to use, and you will have more success with staying on track with the paperwork.  You will be proud to file in beautiful files, and they will look good on your desk.

Most of us will not spend $300 on a single-drawer filing cabinet.  But if Louis XIV needed a filing cabinet, he might have used one of these – here is what is possible – I found these online at Horchow.