Who I am

I grew up in Cape Town, and spent 20 years in the USA until I returned home in 2012.

For many years, I worked in various corporate positions such as office manager, administrator, and bookkeeper. Often I would organize my physical environment and procedures in such a way that things became more efficient, more spacious and less time-consuming. At times, I streamlined my way out of a full-time position into one that could be accomplished in a few hours a week – a consequence that did not always work to my benefit.

In 2000, I began working for a client whose home office was gradually transformed into a more efficient and beautiful space. I began receiving recommendations and referrals. It dawned on me that I was being a Professional Organizer, and that my skills could be used to help others.

As I have gained experience, I am able to call upon a greater array of skills to assist my clients. I am particularly experienced in large, challenging, even “impossible” projects. I have large reserves of patience, stamina and endurance – and most importantly, a sense of humor!

My specialities are:

  • Clearing and decluttering
  • Finding creative and sometimes unexpected solutions to challenging spaces
  • Designing a space that is organized and easy to maintain, yet fits with your aesthetic
  • Creating filing systems out of piles of paper
  • Offering support, empathy and encouragement
  • Reorganizing cupboards and work spaces
  • Researching storage solutions and furniture
  • Assisting in the choice of furniture and storage accessories

Call today and find out how I can help you.